Thank you for visiting One of our goals as a company is to ensure that our Clients are comfortable during their stay with us. In our bid to do this, we offer specialized transport services to Clients during their stay at any of our properties at a discounted rate. These transport services range from daily commute arrangements to travel arrangements to one of the local airports around New York City. We also provide wheelchairs, and walking aids to Clients who need them upon request. For the sake of ease, we have included the option for airport transit service requests into our booking system when you make a booking to stay in one of our apartments. Alternatively, transit service requests can also be made on this page by filling the form below.

Considering that the needs of each Client as it relates to their transportation needs may vary depending on various factors, we do not have a fixed price tag on this service as we provide it. We are however able to provide a cost estimate once a request for these transport services are placed and availability is confirmed.


Please note that we our transport services are available only to Clients currently staying in one of our fully furnished apartments. Transport service bookings can be made in either of the following ways:

  1. When making your Apartment booking at any of our Apartments in New York City;
  2. Calling our Transport Service telephone number at +1-347-522-6984 to place your transport booking request;
  3. By filling and submitting the Transport Service Request form below.

Once your submission has been made, we will contact you to discuss the details of your travel arrangement and the cost for the transport service. Please note that at this time, we only receive transport service bookings on a one-time basis i.e. each transport booking request is for only one transport service. As our Client, you may book as many requests as you need during your stay with us. Please also note that appointments are not confirmed until they are verified by email or phone.


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